Week 1: Introduction

In the first class we were asked who our favourite superhero is, a question I found pretty hard to answer. My knee-jerk response to this question is Wonder Woman, she is one of the more recent, badass, superheroes I have loved so this answer isn’t a lie. However, I also love many others; Spiderman, Hulk, Batman, and TMNT (according to many, many, many debate boards online the ninja turtles don’t count as superheroes… but I am going to leave them in my list anyway) to name but a few.

In creating this blog, and picking a name, I started thinking about when I was first exposed to superheroes. As far as I can recall, and I think this answer is common for a lot of people my age, my earliest memory of superheros was at the age of 7 watching The Incredibles. The film reminded me of one of the things I love most about superheroes and the worlds they exist in; background characters or heroes used as world building tools that could exist in their own right, but are instead used at maximum for a line of dialogue to provide context to the world of the titular characters. In the case of the The Incredibles Stratogale is mentioned for approximately 3 seconds, but she has a minor back story of her own including the ability to talk to birds (which, as an ecology major, I find pretty cool)!

I haven’t read comics in a while, recently my main form of superhero consumption is in videogames or film so I am excited to delve deeper into the world of a variety of superheroes from a more critical approach.

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